Ministry Mission Statement: To bring youth to Jesus and membership in His family; develop them to Christ-like maturity and equip them for ministry in order to magnify God's name.


Spiritual Requirement of Members:

Youth Advisory Council Members:

Must be a member of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church and completed New Members Orientation. Be committed to prayer and intercession on behalf of youth and the Youth Ministry. Must attend Sunday School, Prayer Meeting/Bible Study and morning worship as often as possible.


Youth Members:

Must attend Sunday School, Prayer meeting/Bible Study and morning worship services as often as possible. Must exhibit Christian behavior.


Policy Requirement of Members:


Youth Advisory Council Members:

Members are selected by the Pastor and/or the Youth Ministry Director and Christian Education Ministry Director. Must model a Christian behavior; must have an understanding of youth needs and development; must consent to background screening, local, state and national. Attend quarterly planning sessions and annual training sessions. Serve as youth activity leaders and chaperons. Attend Youth Ministry activities as often as possible.


Youth Member:

Must be a student; must have parental permission to participate in youth activities; must  be registered and a member of MCBC to participate in Dance, Music, Greeter and Usher Ministries. May be excluded from participation due to discipline problems.

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Service Requirement of Members  - Youth Ministry Activities:

Must be approved by Youth Ministry Director and/or Pastor. Youth Activity chaperons always include a member of the Youth Advisory Council and another adult. Permission slips are to be signed by parents prior to events away from the Church. A Youth Activity Attendance Log must be used and turned in to the Youth Ministry Director following all youth ministry activities. Christian behavior is an expectation for youth and adults involved. Accidents/incidents must be documented and submitted to the Youth Ministry Director. Dress code will be observed (same as for school district), unless otherwise specified due to nature of the event, i.e., swimming, sports, etc.



Budgetary guidelines must be observed at all times. Expenditure and purchases must be approved by the Youth Ministry Director before transaction is made. Receipts and vouchers must be submitted to Youth Ministry Treasurer to be recorded and submitted for reimbursement with appropriate signatures.

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