Ministry Mission Statement:   The mission of the Trustee Board is to be conscientious caretakers and stringent stewards of the Lord's property and treasury.

Spiritual Requirement of Members:   To have knowledge of the Word of God and/or open to learning the word and its implications. Additionally, he/she must love the Church and be sensitive to its needs.



Policy Requirement of Members:   One who has served as an active member for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years. A waiver of this tenure for good cause such as having previously served in a Trustee capacity, may be granted at the discretion of the Pastor in conjunction with the Deacon Ministry.


Service Requirement of Members:  One who consistently attends regular worship services and is also a routine attendee and participant in Bible Study and/or Sunday School. Moreover, he/she must possess an unabbreviated commitment to unselfishly contribute time, talent and treasure.


Annual Events:   Participate in Trustee Ministry sponsored at other local churches and hold in-service working/training projects.

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