DEACONESS MINISTRY
                   DEACONESS MARY A. JOSEPH, CHAIR


Ministry Mission Statement:  To know Christ to make HIM known by supporting the Pastor and Deacons.


Spiritual Requirement of Members:  The Deaconesses must be women of sound judgment, strong character, benevolent in spirit, tolerant of weakness of others, sympathetic and willing to serve. As a servant to the Lord and helper of the Church, the Deaconess models herself after Phoebe - Romans 16:1-2, and Tabitha also known as Dorcas - Acts 9:36. Acts 6:1-7 gives us a clear explanation of the need to help to those spreading God's Word.


Policy Requirement of Members: The Deaconesses are necessary, and have a definite place in every BaptistChurch. They are not ordained as are the Deacons, but they are selected by the Pastor and are asked to serve prayerfully, to the best of their knowledge ability. The Deaconesses are to attend Sunday School, Prayer meeting and Bible Study on a regular basis, and be tithers. Deaconesses are usually appointed as helpmates to their husbands who are Deacons.


Service Requirement of Members: The Deaconesses are to assist the Deacons in the Ordinances of the Church, Baptism and Communion. The Deaconesses are expected to be in their seats prior to the opening of the service. They are to prepare Communion, pray over the sacraments; and wear white or cream colors when Communion is served.


The Deaconesses are to assist the Deacons with the Baptism ceremony by providing candidates with baptism instructions, arriving early to assist the female candidate(s), and assist the Pastor by leading them to the water and helping them out of the water after they have been baptized.


Deaconesses are encouraged to counsel all women of the Church regarding Biblical principles, and by example, of the true meaning of our Christian faith, allowing the Fruit of the Spirit to prevail.


Deaconesses are an integral part of the Family Life Ministry. They are to provide leadership and assist in the following areas: Hospitality/Visitation; Sick and Shut-In; Funerals (at Pastor's request): Nursing Home visits; and counseling of single mothers (with the Deacon).



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