DEACON MINISTRY


From left to right,

Edward "Tony" Brown, Marc Jefferies,  Latrey Washington, Nathaniel Royal, Thomas Joseph - Chair, James "JC" Foster, Sylvester Kirk -Top Row,  Randolph Arthur, Henry Simon Sr.,  John Murray, Mark Odle -Vice Chair, Perman Eubanks, Clay Simpson


Ministry Mission Statement: To serve God under the leadership of the Pastor and Deacon Officers in the practical ministry of the Church.

Spiritual Requirement of Members  Full of the Holy Spirit, full of wisdom. Full of faith, worthy of respect; sincere; not indulging in much wine, not pursuing dishonest gain; the husband of one wife; and manages his children and household well.

Policy Requirement of Members: Loyal supporter of the Pastor and staff; faithful attendance at the services of the Church, encouragement of and participation in the organizations of the Church, Sunday School, music, Church training, outreach, etc. Consistent commitment to stewardship shall be attested by the Deacons example of tithing to the Church. Personal Evangelism among the lost and visitation of the sick and shut-in among the membership. Regular attendance at the meetings of the Deacons, and assist with new member assimilation.

Service Requirement of Members: The Deacon Ministry shall serve under the leadership of the Pastor and assist him in performing in order to free him for the ministry of the Word. They are to be members of this Church whose charter and qualifications shall be specified in 1 Timothy 3:8-13, Acts 6:1-6, and Titus 1:6-9.


To lead the Church in the achievement of its mission; to minister the Gospel to believers and unbelievers; to care for the Church's members and others in the community; to have "a consistent commitment to stewardship shall be attested by the Deacon's example of tithing to the Church." (from the church Constitution); to demonstrate a Christ-like consecration, loyalty, prayer support and faithfulness to the local Church program, to visit the sick and needy, to encourage and strengthen new converts and spiritually weak; and to attend Deacon's meeting regularly.

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