Basic Bible Study Class


Deacon Mark Odle


Rev. Henry Watson

10 Basic Steps For Christian



Deacon Clay Simpson

Ministry Mission Statement: The mission of the Bible Study is to learn more and more about God's word.  After learning more about His word, we will be inspired and equipped to tell others about the Lord.


Spiritual Requirements of Instructors and Students: Teachers in the Bible Study Classes must demonstrate that they have studied and know a good deal about what the Bible teachers.  Moreover, they must demonstrate a love for God's word and a strong desire to share His word with others.  Students in the Bible Study Class must simply want to know the Lord more intimately and to know more about His word, so that they can rightly divide the word of truth.


Policy Requirement for Teachers/Facilitators: Teachers and facilitators in the Bible Study must be faithful in attending Sunday School, the Corporate weekly Bible Study and Prayer Meetings as well as the Sunday worship experiences.  In addition they must participate in the Christian Education continuing education classes as well as the Church-sponsored workshops and seminars which are designed to teach God's word.  They must also be faithful, committed, competent and eager to share God's word.


Service Requirement of Teachers/Facilitators: Teachers and Facilitators must be teachable; they must have the gift of teaching; they must love their students with a special agape love.  They must be articulate, knowledgeable and willing to spend long hours in prayer and study as they prepare to come before God's people.


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